Comparison Table

With inCMS you have the possibility to create comparison tables.

First, click on General Settings and activate Comparison Table under the expert mode.

Next, click on comparison table to create a new category with this button. 

We've already done this for the sake of this example. 

Give your table a name and titles for every language you use. 

Then, insert as many fields as you like and fill them out. 

By the way, the Qtip is a short text in a little field that pops up by hovering the field with a mouse. 

Afterwards you can choose a field type. For example text for a product name, number for a price, amount or size, checkbox for a green check sign or a red cross, Textarea for a longer text or Link to generate a link field out of which you can later generate a button. For plus and minus symbols you can for now choose Text.

Hit save and close and choose Add Item. Here you can insert a picture and name for the product. 

Fill out the product information for all the languages you use. As for the link it's recommended to use an Affiliate link. 

Below you see all the fields created beforehand. For a plus symbol you simply write a plus in edgy brackets. If you want two Plus then you can simply do that two times. 

For a minus you can proceed equal. 

If you don't set that check mark you'll see a red cross on your website. If you set it you'll see a green check symbol.

As for the link you can simply insert a link and a name like "more information" and choose a button you like. 

Click on save and close and go the site where you want to place your comparison table.

Click on the plus and choose comparison table where you'll find your newly created category.

After saving your options you can preview your side and find your comparison table.