inCMS White Label (Agency only)

With White Labeling you have the ability to design without the inCMS logo, so you can sell it as your own product.

For example you can replace all inCMS logos with your own or insert other colors.

First you have to log in as admin and not as a normal guest.

Next click on White Label, under settings.

Here you can change settings the way you wish.

You have the ability to change the title of the login field and the corresponding icon.

Next you can select the background color of the login page.

The same things you can change in the backend.

Here you can replace the inCMS Logo with your own. 

Bottom left is the logo on the login page and top right is the logo here.

You can change the link of this logo here.

This is how the default page looks, and this is the adapted page.

When you turn off this function here, all inCMS welcome widgets will be hidden.