In inCMS you can duplicate an existing website, for example when you'd like to make a back up, work on a test-version or would like to use a current website as a template for a new one. For example: you created a website for a hair dresser and now you need a similar website for another hair dresser. In this case, you can just use your previous website as a duplicate and you only have to make a few changes.

Follow these steps to duplicate an existing website:

- Login to our apps

- Select the website you'd like to duplicate. A new tab opens

- Click on "duplicate website" (button at the top)

- Type in a new temporary inCMS domain and a new name (you can link the website to an existing domain or buy a final domain later)

- By default the duplication is set to the same user. Change this to "new user" if this applies to your case

- Click on "Create Website" and the design and all content will be duplicated. 

Note: Due to data protection reasons, page-specific data such as users, email addresses of forms, visitor data and statistics (Piwik) will not be duplicated. In all contact forms, the recipient will be replaced with the administrator's email address.