PayPal Button

With inCMS you have the possibility to sell a few articles very quickly online without creating a huge ecommerce system.

First you design a page with text and images to present your article.

Afterwards click on a green plus icon on your website and select the pay pal element.

You can either choose to add a "buy now" or a "add to cart" button.

If you want to sell multiple articles, it's recommended to use the cart-button.

Let's have a look at the "buy now" button.

Here you can type in the name of the product.

Next you can define a price.

If you want you can add a "thank you page" which will be shown to the customer as soon as he paid.

Click on "internal page" to select a created thank you page.

You can also put a download link on the thank you page if you want to sell a digital product.

Now go to "global settings".

These settings will be saved for all your articles on your website.

Here you can type in the email address of your pay pal account and select the currency of your prices.

Now click on save and close to create the pay pal button.

You can test it in the preview mode.

The cart element works very similar.

It is named "add to cart" and if a customer clicks on it, the product will be added to a cart. The customer can they continue shopping before checking out.