Create a Free @Domain Email address with Gmail for free

You can add an E-Mail address to your Localbizprofit or inCMS domain with Gmail for free.

There's another free solution available if you need more than one E-Mail on your domain - but this is explained in another video.

First double-click on your domain and select "Mail Service".

Next click on "E-Mail redirect".

Now type in the new E-Mail address and your Gmail address.

Click on "Save".

Now go to your Gmail account and click on Account.

Click on security and then on 2-step verification setup.

Type in your phone number and click on Send code.

Next insert the code you received and click on Next and Confirm.

Return to the Account Security and click on App password Settings.

Select Other and type in a random name.

Now you can copy this password.

Go to your Gmail account, click on "Settings" and then on "Accounts".

Next click on "Add another email address you own".

Type in the new E-Mail address and click on "Next step".

Type in the random name, your Gmail address and the password you've just copied.

Afterwards click on "Add account", copy the verification code you've just received and paste it here.

Now go back to your account settings, where you can define the new address as default.

When you now compose a new message, it will be sent from the new address.

Of course you have the ability to change the address.

Now go back to Localbizprofit and click on "Save and close".

If you want to remove the E-Mail address, select "No mail service".

As soon as you clicked on "Save", your E-Mail address has been removed from your domain.

Back in your Gmail account, you can define your Gmail address as standard and delete the other address.